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Youth Safari Day

The mission of the Youth Safari Day is “Reaching out and exposing as many children within the community as possible to outdoor activities.” To sum it up: it’s a gun expo for kids…and they loved it.

Our Experience

Youth Safari Day is held at the Mike Raahauge’s Shooting Enterprises, which is an outdoor rifle range amoung other things. There are various activities available during the event such as kayaking, fishing, or a water dog races, but the real draw for the kids is firearm experience.

We arrived at least 20 minutes in advance and were the first in line. Even with the first-come advantage, things got crowded quickly and lines were slow moving. I suddenly understood the purpose of the punch card: in order to keep things moving, children were only allowed to do an activity once. And to speed that up even more, adults are not allowed to participate. Most times I’d park my kids in the shade to play the phone while I cooked in the sun waiting until we were front of the line.

The activities include airsoft guns, archery, BB guns, mountain men black powder, .22 pistol and rifle ranges. Nongun related activities include: fishing and casting, rock wall climbing, and kayaking around the marsh. Shows running throughout the day feature trick shooting, falconry, hound dog show, hunter safety, and water dog races.

As an adult, and a woman not particularly interested in guns, this was not the most thrilling day of my life. But from the kid perspective, it was great. They knew EXACTLY what they wanted to shoot, and were thrilled with the experience. It was a long, full day and they came home exhausted and satisfied.



Adults pay admission, but don’t actually get to participate.


Even arriving early didn’t spare us from the long, slow-moving lines. Patience is a necessity.

Mike Raahauge Shooting Enterprises