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World War Brick

This exhibition combines Legos and Military…two favorites for little boys.

Our Experience

As a company, Lego does not make military toys. That has left the niche open to independent companies such as BrickMania who, along with other vendors, puts on World War Brick.

The conventional hall in the Embassy Suites of Anaheim is filled with tables of featuring the Lego creations of enthusiasts of all ages: from elder gentleman with a detailed recreation of the B-36D Peacemaker to young girl with Dr. Kitten “Cat-astrophe” battle scene.

A small scavenger hunt for “Waldo” keeps the kids moving through the displays, but overall it’s amazing what people can create. While a few fun displays featured futuristic warfare, most of the displays depicting actual battles or artillery, which made for a bit of history lesson. Like the massive time-lapse of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, or the soldiers desperately trying to scale Hacksaw Ridge. Other displays were made in memory of veteran family members, and you could read their stories as well.

In all, about a hour or so of entertainment, but well worth doing with a couple of young boys…who quickly came home with a renewed passion for Lego and quickly began building.


Embassy Suites, Anaheim