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The Revolution

A wonderful Revolutionary War reenactment put on by the Huntington Beach Historical Society.

Our Review of the Revolution at Huntington Beach

We’ve seen the Civil War, we’ve seen WWI, we’ve seen WWII, but this the first time we’ve been able to witness a battle reenactment for the Revolutionary War. A wonderful reenactment in a beautiful location.

We almost missed the battle. We heard canon fire as we pulled into the parking lot and rushed towards the sound of muskets. The Revolutionary war was well underway, but we still had plenty to see and enjoy. Unlike the Rotary Civil War, the Revolutionary Reenactment didn’t require bleacher seats saved in advance. They’d chosen a battle that naturally covered a lot of ground so that no matter where people were standing around the border, they would see some soldiers close by during some scene. Even though we were late, we had a great front row view on the side.

After the battle, we toured the two camps. Our boys got to operate a real printing press while we listened to the fascinating stories from Isaiah Thomas and listen to Ben Franklin read the Declaration of Independence. If you’ve never been to a reenactment, might I recommend…talk to the reenactors! These people are well seeped in historical fact and they’re passionate about. It’s far more interesting and impactful to listen to a reenactor than any High-School history class.

Reenactors live in their camps during the duration of the event, and their accommodations reflect their status. For example we saw the lower troops cooking their meals, but a group of fine ladies being served by wait staff. Their wares are meant to be as authentic as reasonable, and they welcome questions as you wander through camp. We received an upclose and personal demonstration of a musket and a lesion on various firing mechanisms of the time. All very fascinating.

So in the end, it was a free event in a scenic location that was very well organized and executed, full of interesting people, educational and historical information.



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