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Old Fort MacArthur Days

A new annual favorite! An educational, hands on, historical spectacle that follows military history through the ages: Vietnam, WWII, WWI, Civil War, Revolutionary War, Celtic Warriors, Ancient Rome, and…the Neanderthals?

Our Experience

We were so disappointed to learn that Marching Thru History would no longer be continuing. Little did I know that the annual Old Fort McArthur Days would perfectly fill that void.

The instant we walked in, two Vietnam War era Jeeps were parked next to the entrance gate…and it was love at first site. My boys had no desire to go anywhere else. At all. Period. They pretended to drive, pretended to shoot, pretended to hit zombies..they wouldn’t leave.

I was finally able to lure them away to explore the rest of the festivities. There were staged battles at set times through-out the day. It’s hot, sunny, and dusty and took a long time to get going. But once the shooting started and the tanks came rolling in the boys were pretty impressed.

Beyond the scheduled battles, various camps will run demonstrations, drills and education presentations when sufficient crowds gather. We settled down on the cool grass under a large oak tree to eat lunch with a view of the ocean and battling Celtic hordes.

Reinactors are packed full of education information and are thrilled to talk with anyone showing interest; be they Roman or Revolutionary. So there is plenty to learn if you’re willing to ask. Reinactors and collectors are also typically at these events to foster interest in the younger generations, so they’re happy to let little boys handle and hold weapons and other military gear. Once again, my kids were thrilled with the experience.

All around awesome and the perfect event for young boys interested in anything army.


Fort MacArthur