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$10 Ducks + Activities


A day on the beach accented with bouncy castles, games, and rubber duck decorating. All festivities lead up to 3PM, when the rubber ducks are dumped from the Huntington Pier and the race to shore begins.

Our Experience

We’ve attended this event twice, and it’s simply delightful. Firstly, Huntington is my favorite California beach. The water is noticeably warmer, the atmosphere and people cleaner, food readily available, and the trendy shops are upscale.

The event itself is enjoyable too. On our last visit had teenage volunteers running a series of carnival-like games that both boys really got into. It wasn’t crowded and we paid for the unlimited play pass, so they were able to play all they liked. We duck decorated and made our rounds about the festival booths. It’s a very small festival…so it’s not crazy crowded and it’s easy to navigate.

Once the boys are fun-ed out on games, it’s time to eat. We either pack a picnic, or grab a burger and a Jamba Juice. Then The bulk of the time is spent on the beach waiting for the duck drop at 3 PM. Wave chasing, sand castle building, and general beach fun.

One year we watched the duck drop from the pier, the next we watched it from the shore. The Pier is more crowded so have a vantage point staked out early. The second year, it was a cold day and the boys were in their suits and covered with sand so we weren’t going to drag them up on the pier. But the beach offered a good view too.

It takes a while for the ducks to make it to shore, so you just go back to playing on the beach and watch the surfers ride a tide of rubber ducks.


Beach Play

This is comparatively small festival; so the event is more about hanging out on the beach as a family.

Duck Drop

Check the website for duck-drop times. Traditionally it’s been at 3pm.

Huntington Beach