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Admission $20.00
Students $15
Children 5 & under FREE

The Basics

The largest Civil War Reenactment West of the Mississippi, the Moorpark Rotary with the Civil War Alliance puts on a fabulous presentation that is a family favorite. Visually exciting and educationally stimulating, the whole event is top notch. They’ve had location issues, so the event will be at a new and better venue 2015…and we wouldn’t miss it.

Our Experience (2014)

We attended the Civil War Reenactment last year at Underwood Farms, and found it so delightful we were eager to return (especially since my camera ran out of batteries last year and I had virtually nothing to show from our adventure). However, this year the location was changed with too short of notice to find a really great location. The shuttle dropped us on the top of a barren dust pile. Because the location has changed again, I won’t grouse too much about it.

The point of attending, and the part that has never failed to disappoint, is the battles. They reenact a specific battle, the MC filling you in on details, places, and people. It’s great fun, educational, and exciting. The boys love watching the cannons fire and the horses charge.

Between the scheduled battles, you can listen to speeches from historical figures or tour the Confederate and Union camps. As with any reenacter, their attention to detail is astounding and you can ask them about anything. Some even set up stations so you can visit the canon master or communication specialist and ask all your questions and get some hands-on experience. My boys drafted a letter to grandma with quill and ink.



The Blue & Gray Civil War Reenactment is at a new location! Photos in this post reflect the 2014 last- minute location…all future events will not be at this dusty, barren mountain top.

Worth the Extra

Bleacher seats cost extra and are worth the money. If you get lucky you might find front-row seats on the ground, but I’d rather not risk it. If you don’t have a good view of the battle, you’ve missed everything.