Kid Rating


Adults $20
Children (6-11) $12
Kids Under 5 FREE

The USS Iowa

The Iowa is a fairly big battleship, and it took the boys hour to comb through the decks. A brush with history and a glimpse into military life seems to ignite their curiosity. The scavenger hunt for “Vicki” was a simple way to keep them engaged.

Our Experience

This is one of those trips I did solely for the boys. I personally don’t see the appeal, but I suppose from a child’s perspective this ship is like a giant metal maze. They never know what’s at the top of a ladder or through a heavily reinforced door. Add in the scavenger hunt aspect (search for all 13 pictures of Vicki the Dog in exchange for a sticker), and it keeps the kids running around for hours. Overall, there isn’t a lot to do…but the kids still enjoyed themselves.