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Adults $5
Children $1-3
Kids Under 5 FREE

Tank Land @ The American Military Museum

Tank Land is an organized and documented parking lot for tanks and other military vehicles. Our boys play World of Tanks (yes, my 3-year-old probably pwned you), and so this was a perfect find. All the tanks and vehicles are clearly marked so you can get the historical rundown from the guidebook. The little boys found it interesting, the big boys found it even more interesting, and I took lots of pictures…which is what I find interesting.

Our Experience

The boys love playing the MMO game World of Tanks…until J was nearly banned for life for a continuous friendly fire rampage. Apparently Peter skipped the talk where you explain that an MMO is played with other people…real people…who don’t like their teammates blowing them up. But the game instilled in both our boys a deep fascination with tanks. So I was overjoyed to discover Tank Land.

Tank Land has lots of tanks, vehicles, and misc all lined up and numbered so you can consult the Guide Book for historical facts on anything that catches your attention. We brought along our own tank mechanic and military buff to fill us in on the rest. But in the end it’s a dusty, hot, parking lot full of tanks. J was a little disappointed at first, but the longer we stayed, the more curious he became. It was an overall positive experience that I think the older boys enjoyed more than the kids.

Tank Land wasn’t an all-day trip or a grand production, but it was satisfying adventure for two boys that are into tanks.


No Touchy

You cannot climb, touch, or drive the tanks. Bummer. I know.