Kid Rating


Adult: $20
Under 48″: $15


Buccaneer Bay at Splash! La Mirada

A scaled down water park for younger kids, Buccaneer Bay hits the essentials without being overwhelming: lazy river, three slides for taller kids, a water play structure. It’s more of a local attraction than a family destination.

Our Experience

Summer is long, and we had enough fun at Buccaneer Bay to warrant a second visit.

Fortunately we bought our tickets online and beat the line, which is long and slow moving. But unfortunately, we didn’t realize lockers were sold from the same admission line. We’d gone all the way to Buccaneer Bay before we realized we had to go back to the entrance and get in line again to purchase a locker. That sucked.

I had thought my boys would have enjoyed the play structure more, but I guess my oldest had outgrown it. There were too many kids and not enough places to go. My six-year-old was definitely interested, but the water was really, really cold and he just could take it. My youngest was too short for the big slides, which made the lazy river the main attraction. My boys rode round and round for hours.

A little before lunch time, we went and ordered burgers at the grill. We just barely beat the lunch-rush which is a really good thing. Grill cooking tastes great, but it also takes time. The line for burgers is slow. So if the line is already stretching out into the sun, then order pizza or some other fast food…because the burgers are going to take a while.

After our first visit, the boys weren’t ready to go home. They had apparently not maxed out on the number of times you can circle a lazy river. The location is close enough that it we made a second trip a few weeks later. But it’s a little too small and way to pricey for me to recommend as a must-do.



Lockers are sold at the admissions counter.

Too Cold

On hot summer day the water was still too cold for my little-guy to really have fun.

Lunch Rush

The grill moves slow. Either beat the lunch-rush or don’t be in a hurry for a cheeseburger.