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Rancho Los Alamitos


Okay, I should add a little bit of justification: The Rancho Los Alamitos is a beautiful location for a rustic wedding or a quite stroll through botanical gardens or an educational review of the history of California…all of which have absolutely no appeal to children.

Our Experience

Normally I would have not attended a place like this without there being some sort of festival or event. As it was, my son’s cub scout troop was trying to cross of their historical outing requirement and they chose Rancho Los Alamitos.

Seriously, there is nothing here for kids to do. Period. You can look at barn animals (ooo…I’ve never seen a chicken before), or look at old buildings or look at a cactus garden. The operating word here is “look.” There is nothing to “do.”

My little one had some fun climbing on the crazy roots of massive ficus tree. And my older boy had fun chasing the chickens which fortunately no one told him not to do. Other than that….eh.