Kid Rating


Adults $12
Children (2-12) $7
Kids Under 2 FREE

Noah’s Ark at the Skirball

The permanent Noah’s Ark exhibit is simply delightful. The Skirball recreates an ark and packs it with hands-on manipulatives and fabulous creatures designed from commonplace objects. The animals are so intricate that the longer you look, the more you discover.  The experience is concluded with garden path running through a misting rainbow maker.

Our Experience

The Ark Exhibit is divided into a series of rooms. First the Story Room, which is the gathering spot for everyone with time entry tickets. A docent tells the story of Noah’s Ark while waiting for everyone to arrive.

After a brief intro, you’re led to the front of the ark where you can help load animals in on the conveyor belt or create storm sounds with various apparatuses. My boys spent the first 20 minutes just playing with the conveyor belt.

Once inside the ark, the first room is devoted to animals: plush toys, puppets, and small miniatures. If your child loves animals, you can expect to spend a fair amount of time in this room as well.

The next room features a rope jungle-gym that circles the room. Children can climb to the higher level and using pulley systems gather food for the animals and dump them down the feeding tubes. Or prepare a plastic meal for the humans as well. All that food makes a mess, and someone needs to sweep up the rubber poop. With the rope catwalks and pulley systems, this is where my boys spent the bulk of their time.

The final room as you exit the ark is a large activity room with oversized blocks, story-time, or marionettes. The specific attraction depends on the day and time.

Exiting the exhibit leads you on an outside trail that leads to a crescent mist-machine that refracts the sunlight to create a giant rainbow for the kids to run through. K was SOAKED by the end, but just wouldn’t stop running through again and again.

All-in-all a fabulous way to spend a few hours in the afternoon.



Timed Entry

This is a timed-entry event! Make sure to get your tickets in advance and plan for travel and traffic.

Full Skirball

Admission to the Noah’s Ark exhibit includes the rest of the Skirball as well…but there isn’t much that will interest young children.