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Admission $5 
Kids Under 4 FREE

Columbia Memorial Space Center

Though the Columbia Memorial Space Center is largely an education center that hosts science classes and camps, it is open to visitors who want to come in and enjoy the little exhibits on display.

Our Experience

The exhibit portion of the Columbia Memorial Space Center is quite small, but perfectly tuned to the interest of my two little boys. The robotics lab taught them to program their own Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot to pickup mars rocks and return to base. It was hard to get them to leave! On the main floor they have a paper-plane folding station and launcher that allows you to test fly different designs. One of my boys favorite features was the manual pulley system that raised and dropped plastic parachuting army men. So simple, and yet so thrilling.

The upstairs had a mock shuttle cockpit and a space suit for photos, a story/coloring area, a computer running solar system simulations, and displays discussing life in space. There were a few other interesting things to read or watch, but largely the boys just wanted to go back downstairs and drop more army men.

So while the exhibits are fun, you wouldn’t come to the Columbia Memorial Space Center for an afternoon of entertainment. It’s an education facility and your visit would typically be adjoined to participating in a class.


Columbia Memorial Space Center