Kid Rating


Admission $17.95
Kids Under 1 FREE

Adventure City

A mini-amusement park that hits all of the essentials without the lines and all-day dedication.

Our Experience

Adventure City has a handful of carnival rides (planes, drop-tower, carousel, etc.), a rock wall, tiny petting zoo, and two roller coaster. It doesn’t sound like much, but that’s the point. It’s just perfect for a half-day of easy, kid-pleasing fun.

Because the crowds are so thin, the boys can ride any ride they want as many times as they want without waiting hours in line. That’s generally not the story at a major theme park. The height requirements are very generous, so K could go on all the same rides as big brother…sparing us from tears and pouting. The two roller-coasters aren’t huge and extravagant with double loops, but they’re perfectly satisfying. The boys loved them and when as many times as they wanted.

But because things are scaled down, this place isn’t as attractive for teens. Which means this won’t be a fun stop if you have older kids…but it also means there aren’t a lot of teens loitering around.


Adventure City