Opaque – Dining in the Dark

Dining in the Dark is a unique say-you-did-it experience that makes for a memorable date. But an odd location and a bit pricey for the meal.

Price Range

(not including drinks or tip)

Our Experience

Dining in the Dark is exactly as it sounds. You are seated in a pitch-black room with a no-phone/no-indaglow policy that ensures the entire dining experience is completed in darkness. The wait staff are vision-impaired, making it possible for them to serve your meal.

It’s amazing how your senses try and compensate for the lack-of light. Even though the experience was completely darkness, I remember the event as if I had sight. I can remember watching my husband trying to pour the water without spilling…but I never actually saw it. I only heard it. And yet my mind fills in the details. That is what makes this experience so cool!

But there are a couple of things that detract from the experience:

Because your remaining senses are heightened, sound from the other tables is amplified. To beat Santa Monica traffic we reserved our table earlier than typical dining-hours, so our meal was largely finished by the time other patrons arrive. Even one other couple made the room feel cacophonous, and as more came I was grateful we’d arrived so early.

I also found the location of Opaque unfortunate. It’s located inside of a nightclub. We drove by several times certain we had the wrong address, but the nondescript black building with the eroded asphalt parking lot is the place. The interior must look different at night when filled with people and lighting, but it was really odd to walk through a dusty abandoned dance floor.

At $100/plate, the price is quite high. We really were paying for the experience because the ambiance and location of the nightclub doesn’t quite do it. I quite enjoyed my steak, but my husband wasn’t as thrilled with his meal. All other appetizers and desert weren’t memorable enough for me to recount what they were. Again, my steak was good, but it is not $100/plate fine dining. That would be the Mar-sel.


V Lounge - Opaque