Mar’sel Restaurant at the Terranea Resort

An exquisite meal enjoyed with a beautiful ocean view far away from the hustle & bustle of LA.

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Our Experience

My sister was visiting from out-of-state and requested dinner by the ocean. I consulted the Almighty Yelp. Malibu and Santa Monica had a few options, but I didn’t want to fight through two hours of traffic. Though I accept that the restaurants were likely top-tier, I find that whole side of LA claustrophobic and the traffic and parking tend to sour any experience.

So instead we headed to the mar’sel at the isolated Terranea Resort situated on the tip of the San Pedro peninsula. Reservations were booked until 8pm, but we arrived before the dinner rush and the hostess graciously found us a table nearest to the ocean.

The menu is locally sourced, in fact there were servers gleaning that evening’s dinner ingredients from the vegetable gardens out front. Personally, I found the menu exciting and full of variety. I tried things I never had before: hazelnut bisque, caramelized brussels sprouts, and venison.

The meal, service, and atmosphere were impeccable.


Terranea Resort