SCRAP – Real Escape Game

An Escape Game is a timed, puzzle-solving exercise based around a specific theme. SCRAP pioneered the concept in Japan and now their games tour the US.

Price Range

(depending on game)

Our Experience

We had no idea what an Escape Game was. But they must be popular since you can’t get on Groupon without at least 20 in the feed. So we gave it a try.

Turns out Escape from Titan is one of those Japanese cartoons that has a cult following. So not only did we not know what an Escape Game was, we also didn’t know what the premise was. But there were a number of people in the crowd who weren’t exactly sure what to expect either. So overall the vibe was casual, just a big group of people looking forward to trying something new.

We must have looked exceptionally clueless because a cool group invited us to join up. These guys were experienced. They’d done a number of escape games, but said that typically you’re in a single room. Escape from Titan was largest number of players, and being in an entire football stadium, it was by far the biggest arena.

So here’s the deal: An Escape Game is a timed puzzle solving exercise based around a specific theme. If you solve all the puzzles in a certain time…you “escape.” Because we were with the cool kids, we were the second team to escape, with a time of 45 minutes. Some of the puzzles were harder than others, and it helped having a group (7 in all) and practice (Those that knew what to expect had a better time making sense of the clues). But inexperience as we were, my husband and I were still able to provide valuable contributions.

So…it was different. It’s social, it’s engaging, and fun in its own way. Now that I’ve tried one, I’m more likely to give another a go.