Ice Age Hair Ball

Annual fundraiser for the La Brea tar Pit Museum, the Hair Ball includes food, science, fashion show, and lots of crazy hair.


Price Range

$75 for the main event
$1,000 to 100,000 for dinner

Our Experience

My husband and I like to celebrate our anniversaries by trying something new together. This year, we attended the Ice Age Hairball. It’s a biennial fundraiser for the La Brea Tar Pits; and to attend this formal event you need…crazy hair. I just happen to know a professional wig master and one of the best face painters in LA; both of whom were willing to pitch in to make my anniversary something truly special.

Tickets for the Hairball dinner start at $1000, but for on $75 you can attend the “Mane Event” which includes hors d’oeuvre, fresh made liquid nitrogen ice cream, access to the museum, behind the scenes dig-site tour, music, and a fashion show.

We got there early (as always), and ample parking was provided in the structure across the street. We gathered at the gates, waiting for the event to open and usher us through the frozen archway. I knew the layout well; I walked the Tar Pits almost daily when I worked at Variety just across the street. The courtyard had been transformed. A large square tent was constructed in the center, with flowing black and white drapery canvassing the area. All around the courtyard were different tables with displays from the museum, staff were there answer any questions and give a brief science lesson if you wanted to know more. Between the displays was the food, which I found to be quite tasty. And for something a bit more fun, they had a table where staff would custom mix your requested flavor of ice cream using liquid-nitrogen.

The fashion show was well done. The square tent served as the runway; so as each of the models emerged from the tent in their outlandish outfits and insane hair pieces, and paused at every corner. This ensured every guest could see each model without all crowding to one location. As the grand finale, the designer covered the models and their white dresses in black paint to symbolize the tar of the La Brea Tar Pits.

The museum was open…but unfortunately a smoke alarm went off and shut the whole thing down. So we never got to go inside and see what had been prepared for the event. But the tour of the digsites was very entertaining. They had fantastic hosts, and opened up sites you don’t typically get to see.

Without the museum open, the crowd began to thin pretty quickly after the costume contest. My husband and I found a vacant couch and just ate hors d’oeuvre, listened to the music, and enjoyed the evening immensely.



La Brea Tar Pit Museum