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Youth Safari Day

The mission of the Youth Safari Day is: “Reaching out and exposing as many children within the community as possible to outdoor activities.” Basically it’s a gun expo for kids…and it’s great.

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Haunted Calico Ghost Town

Calico is built on the bones of the abandoned ghost town established 1881…and every October the ghosts come back to haunt the remnants. The whole town is decorated: silver mines are turned into haunted mazes for various ages, the panning for silver is dyed blood red, and variety of mediocre shows provide entertainment throughout the day.

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Cowboy Festival

Melody Ranch has a full-scale, old-west town built in the backyard. During the festival, the ghost town comes alive with musical performances, variety shows, trick-ropers, gunslingers, and many a cowboy.

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Chill – Queen Mary

A winter wonderland in Long Beach. CHILL – The Ice Kingdom is an awe-inspiring exhibit featuring larger-than-life ice sculptures: castles, slides, even a replica of the Queen Mary all built from ice!

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Kid Ratings & Stars

The "Kid Rating" measures the general enthusiasm of my two boys, not the quality or merit of the event.