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Zuma Beach, Malibu

This is the beach-of-choice for all of our friends. Part of Malibu, Zuma is a relaxing surfing beach with great waves for boogie-boarding and distanced from the crowds of LA.

Visitor Tips & Info

Zuma is one of LA’s relaxing beaches. It attracts surfers and families. Unlike beaches built off of Main Streets or Piers, Zuma isn’t near anything commercial which makes it less crowded, but you’ll also need to make sure you’ve packed enough food for everyone.

A huge plus of Zuma is the distance from street-to-surf is pretty short. So you don’t have to trudge through half-a-mile of sand to get to the actual beach. Ample parking runs parallel the entire stretch of Zuma, which also cuts down on hiking time.

The only reason this isn’t my favorite beach is that the water is cold…always. I’ve never been to Zuma and not have my toes clench in the surf. The kids still swim, but not as long.

There also tends to be more wildlife and kelp…both of which can be fun for the kids. But if you don’t like being assaulted by giant clumps of seaweed in the surf, you probably won’t like Zuma.

My typical experience with Zuma is that it takes about 45 minutes to get there and 2 hours back. I have never once had “good traffic” coming back from Zuma. Once my phone came up with the estimate of 12 hours to home. The more you go the better you get at circumventing traffic and choosing the right canyon, but just know that you’ll be tired and sunburned and you’re going to have to wait in a lot of traffic to get home.