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$10 Parking

Tide Pools – Royal Palms Beach Park

The Royal Palms (White Point) beach offers no-hike nature adventure. When the kids are done exploring the tide pools, a small stretch of sand beach lets them enjoy the waves.

Our Review of the San Pedro Tide Pools at White Point

I nice perk to these tide pools is the amenities are close at hand. A small park is maintained on top of White Point, complete with a new playground equipment, picnic tables, restrooms and drinking fountains. The grounds are well landscaped and maintained. Metered parking is available here, but time is limited, and it’s likely more for the for those wanting to hike around the nature preserve. Our destination was the tidepools.

Parking next to the tide pools was $10, and worth it. Once we parked we had a choice of craggy tide-pools to the left or sand beach to the right. We opted to start with the tide-pools.

The kids were very excited to spot the first crab. Catching them is tricky, but the kids enjoyed holding them and poking at whatever else they could find. There were crabs and crabs, grunions, anenomes, snails and only one star fish. The terrain was quite interesting, pockmarked by weathering and leading up to crashing waves against the drop-off, but it was difficult for little feet to navigate.

Once curiosity was satisfied, we headed towards a stretch of sand beach. The boys made sandcastles and chased the waves until the tide came in.

Rough Terrain

The terrain is tricky for little feet and the rocks are sharp.

Royal Palms Beach Park