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Portuguese Point – San Pedro

A short and easy hike to rocky tide pools and a soft-sand beach filled with starfish, anemones, and crabs.

Our Experience

My hiking aversion has kept me away from various “outdoorsy” destinations, but we joined forces with some family-friends and headed down to San Pedro. The idea was to visit the Blowhole, but we took the wrong trail and ended up at Portuguese Point instead. Which is just fine by me because it was a significantly shorter hike.

I don’t have any other tide-pools experience to compare with Portuguese Point, but neither did the boys…so everyone had a great time. The key is to check the tide and arrive early. We arrived around 10am, and the tide was low enough to have trapped plenty of critters on the rock formations: mainly starfish, anemones, and crabs. K liked how the crabs tickled his hands. Once the tide came in, the creatures and the climbing rocks quickly dipped below the waterline and we were left with a small sand beach that was good for castle building and wave chasing…the boy’s favorite activity at the beach. Mommy sat and took photos, which is my favorite activity anywhere.


The Hike

The hike is pretty minimal; about one mile in total. You pay $5 for parking and a semi-steep “hike” down to the beach drops you right on the waterfront. Another brief jaunt along the shoreline gets you to Portuguese Point. Once the tide starts coming in, the creatures and climbing rocks are gone quickly. You can still play in the sand, but it’s probably not good for swimming with the rocks and all. The walk out was all uphill, but it wasn’t beyond our seven-year-old’s ability. The three-year-old insisted on being carried by Daddy.

Parking Lot

Tide Pools