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Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball

An elaborate costume party held in the historic Biltmore Hotel. Dance the night away in any of the three ballrooms, enjoy stage performances, and gawk at the incredible costuming that makes this an interactive art exhibit.

Our Experience

There are various reasons people would attend an event such as this: It’s a dance, a renaissance faire, a theatrical performance, craft bazaar, and a costume party all happening at once. The Millennium Biltmore Hotel was the ideal location for something as ostentatious as a masquerade ball, with three separate ballrooms each providing a different musical atmosphere.

We arrived early, giving us time to absorb the backdrop before it was filled with thousands of people. As patrons arrived, even the massive corridors of the Biltmore were packed. We’re not particularly “fantasy” type people, so the stage shows held little interest for us. There is apparently an overarching story line to the event, with several kingdoms and race-factions on the verge of war. But again, it’s not really the sort of thing we get into. We did try the “post office” where you deliver mailscrolls and dictate responses from the VIP’s engaged in the conflict, but it took us about forty minutes to find the Viscount, at which point we decided the scavenger hunt wasn’t for us.

What did draw us to this event were the costumes. It’s like being surrounded in an ever-changing art show. The ingenuity and creative skill necessary to contrive many of the ensembles is just astounding.

My camera can not handle low-light. Consequently, my photos offer poor representation to the grandeur of the event. I recommend view photos on the masquerade’s website itself.


Millennium Biltmore Hotel